Connecting our Neighbors. Investing in our Community. Planning for our Future. In 2017, the Voices for Hampton campaign began with a small group of Hampton residents who wanted to engage in our democracy and make the Hampton Township government more accessible and transparent. With the help and support of residents like you, Bethany Blackburn, Carolynn Johnson, and Mike Peters won seats on Hampton Township Council. They listened to your concerns and invested in infrastructure, improving our roads, renovating parts of the park, pool, and Community Center, and are now installing a sidewalk on Topnick Drive. They improved information accessibility with a new Township website and comprehensive fee schedule. With your input, they improved the gas and oil ordinance, reorganized childcare regulations, and launched a new comprehensive plan. They’ve enhanced our community with new events, like the community Farmers’ Market and Food Trucks in the Park, and new services, such as the Police Department’s embedded social workers. Now, they are breaking ground on an ADA Community Park trail. As we look to the future and the 2021 election, our vision for Hampton remains the same, but our slate of candidates is different. Mike Peters is not seeking re-election, so we are excited to add Julie Fritsch to the Voices for Hampton slate, along with Bethany Blackburn and Carolynn Johnson.

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