Opening in June 2018, we started with a pop-up store in Cheswick, PA and were immediately embraced by the community. Just a month later we began to look for a larger space to provide all the sweets that our customers desired. Luckily, just a mile down the street we found the perfect location to call our home and yours, too! Oh How SWEET It Is is a Candy Shop in Cheswick, PA. We offer Candy, Chocolate, Milkshakes, and much more! My name is Robert and I run Oh How SWEET It Is, a locally owned and operated candy shop in Cheswick, PA. While my store has only recently opened, customers all over the city are loving the selection of unique and nostalgic items that can be found here. Mixed in among the familiar brand names are things you've likely never seen before and won't see anywhere else, and that's where the fun lies.

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