The U.S. Administration on Aging's Pension Counseling and Information Program currently serves 30 states. Free legal assistance is available to individuals experiencing a problem with their pension, profit sharing or retirement savings plans. The Mid-America Pension Rights Project, part of Pro Seniors’ Legal Hotline, is here to answer your questions about your pension. Pro Seniors is the only legal organization in Ohio with experts in pension law. Typical questions and problems we handle are: • Providing basic advice about pension laws and pension rights • Providing information on survivor benefits, defined benefit plans and rights of divorced persons • Resolving pension problems • Providing referrals to experienced pension attorneys as needed • Finding lost pensions The Pension Rights Project helps residents of any age in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Tennessee with pension issues. We also help individuals who worked in Ohio, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, or Tennessee or worked for a company whose headquarters were there.