Freeport Theatre Festival was founded in 1989 by Rennick and Marushka Steele and is based in the rural Allegheny Valley; an area where steel was king not so long ago. The palpable depression of the area in 1989 inspired the Steele's to found the theatre as a means to serve the valley's communities with plays chosen to lift spirits and entertain, as well as provide an outlet for the area youth to get involved in a different kind of "team" effort. Our mission: To provide quality entertainment, which respectfully engages, enlightens and uplifts, to our rural community, at a price the families in our area can afford, as well as expose the young people of the area to unique performance experiences. Productions include members of our local community and trained professionals from the Pittsburgh area. The policy of inclusion adds to the ambiance of our rural community theatre and fosters an understanding and appreciation of the craft of bringing stories to life. Making theatre needs everyone to accept that they are dependent on everyone else. We bring the cherished works of the world theatre repertoire to the public eye; however, our primary focus is to develop a repertoire of original plays written by local playwrights and poets that celebrate the history of the folk in Pennsylvania.

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