At Resnick Roofing & Contracting we have one primary goal in mind; to deliver an exceptional experience for our customers from start to finish. To achieve this, we keep it simple as we only offer The Best Products, The Best Installation, and The Best Warranty. Equally as important, we offer full transparency to our customers. We know the home improvement industry is known for tricks and ploys and forceful salespeople who are directed to “close” their customers on site. Our approach is the antithesis. In fact, in addition to meeting with Resnick Roofing & Contracting, we always recommend our customers meet with other contractors before making a final decision. We do this because we are confident they will be able to see the difference. From our first interaction with the customer to the last, our customers know exactly what to expect with no surprises as we set clear expectations from start to finish. We feel this is the only fair approach.

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