Fresh locally grown fruit from 3 generations of apple growers in Bedford County! We offer peaches, pears, plums, apples and much more! Boyer Orchards~Three Generations of Pennsylvania Apple Growers. Matt and Bruce Boyer bring skills of a lifetime, coupled with four years of college to their work everyday in the family's orchards near New Paris. "Our father put a high emphasis on getting a good education, explains Matt. Matt and Bruce both earned horticulture degrees from Penn State University and now operate the orchards started by their parents in 1957. "Book learning goes hand-in-hand with the day-to-day experience that can only be gained by working in the orchard year after year," Matt says. "Both are important." Matt and Bruce bought Boyer Orchards from their parents in 1989 and have been expanding ever since. They now have more than 300+ acres in production - growing over 15 varieties of apples, three varieties of peaches and two varieties of pears. Along with their sons Wesley, Sam and Ben, they harvest about 150,000 bushels every year between August 1 and mid-October. About ten percent of their fruit is sold to local customers, the rest goes to a packing house in Lancaster to be sold as fresh fruit under the Hess Brother's label.

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